Hi, I am looking forward to seeing/meeting you all, and hearing about your amazing work.

I am a 20 year vet of cultural organizing. I have worked with collective leadership models, as well as various hybrid forms in the non-profit world. Art in Action Youth Leadership Program has run as a collective for 9 years, and exhibits a multi-racial, woman-centered, supportive leadership model to offer creative programs for disenfranchised youth.

Having worked with Van Jones for the past five years, I also currently work nationally to create powerful networks for moving the nation through the work of Green For All. This fall I will be organizing a 20-city hip-hop climate theater engagement tour -- looking to create high touch events with powerful on-line/off-line strategies for building up the green jobs movement. Your thoughts and technologies welcomed.

I am also working to open the firsts green youth media, recording arts, and job preparedness training center in the heart of Oakland. I am creating a deep and wide group of partners who want to see this opportunity happen for our under-served young artists and musicians.

I am interested in the ongoing conversation of how we create models for transformation, storytelling, empowerment and inspiration in our work to serve both people and planet. Now is the time. No one else is coming...its up to us, and this is what we are here for...may we plant potent seeds for the generations to come to harvest.

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