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I am so excited to be coming to this meeting with some wonderful co-hearts I am blessed to be working with in La Leche League (LLL). In our division of LLL we are in the midst of exciting changes and learning about and experiencing OS. Having done two meetings with OS I can say that I am ready for more magic and want to help others share the magic of OS. Additionally I am very active in a school non-profit association and with church leadership activities and I need to bring OS to these parts of my life. It's just painful to work using non-OS meetings once you have experienced the magic.

One thing in particluar I am interested in discussing is bringing OS into a formal learning environment. I often work to provide accredited continuing education for allied health professionals and I think OS would be wonderful at these learning events. The accreditation process for these events is lengthy and formal and requires everything presented to have prior approval. There has to be a way to do OS as I think professionals would have a much more valuable learning experience using OS then sitting classroom style in a dark room watching endless powerpoint presentations.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!