Candi S. Foon is the Director of "Integral Wellness Programs" for The Sunyata Group. She specializes in the design, delivery and implementation of integral wellness and compassion based programs and trainings to improve the quality of life, relationships, business processes and lifestyle practices of individuals, organizations and collectives. She assists in the alignment of human relationships and business processes to optimize effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, compassion and wellness. She provides support in the implementation of integral wellness and compassion based approaches at the individual, group and enterprise level — including strategic planning and operational activities.

She is currently debuting a series of program on "Health Resource Optimization" (HRO) that are designed to provoke profound shifts in individual and collective health, wellness and lifestyles by working with "Consciousness" as the awareness, assumptions, and beliefs that (knowingly or unknowingly) shape what and how people think, say, and do in relationship to themselves, others, and the world around them.

The mission of the HRO programs is to promote health and wellness strategies based on individual (personal) and collective (community) awareness and responsibility — using a whole-systems design and whole-person approach to optimize wellness through prevention and intervention. The HRO programs emphasize healthy lifestyles and personal and collective health resource optimization to improve health and wellness, decrease recidivism, and decrease the rate of growth of healthcare costs.

Ms. Foon has over 20 years teaching experience in business, fitness, health and wellness industries. She offers consultations, programs, workshops, retreats, event hosting, convening facilitation, and public speaking to organizations such as Seattle’s Best Coffee, Seattle Center Foundation, Seattle Parks & Recreation, Pemco Insurance, T-Mobile, Non-Profit Staff Development Coalition (NPSDC), and New Futures. She has over 20 years combined corporate and entrepreneurial business experience in retail management, sales, and administration. She is a graduate of United Way Project LEAD program with board experience. She also has over 25 years volunteer experience. She has over 30 years of spiritual practice. She brings a broad perspective on issues, based on her experience, insights, and understanding of living in Africa, Europe and America.

Ms. Foon has a Masters of Science in Management from Antioch University — Seattle (1996); a Bachelor of Science degree in Business & Economics from Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR USA (1984). She has also received 1500 + hours professional training and certificates of completion in fitness, health & wellness.

She is experienced in community capacity building, and brings a compassionate presence and caring quality to all interpersonal relationships. She understands that fundamentally people want to feel Heard, Seen, and Loved (H-S-L). Based on the practice of H-S-L, she is able to intervene in complex human relationships and affairs without arousing hostility — particularly between competing interests. She facilitates transition, change, transformation, and conflict resolution. She is able to raise the level of emotional safety among people; cultivate the capacity to hold multiple perspectives and perceptions, and enhance the development of highly effective teams, organizations and collectives. She is able to discern optimal connections to develop and maintain well-functioning webs of relationships that cross-pollinate people, ideas, and resources.

Her mission is to optimize effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, compassion, and wellness in individuals, organizations and collectives.