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Notes from Chicago Social Forum Meeting 7/23

We discussed the charter principles of the World Social Forum (as summarized by Hari) and decided that we agreed with them. We then moved on to a discussion of how to proceed as a group and when to hold various events.

September Event - Sept. 9th at RainbowPUSH? - Dialogue on the Local/Global? Connection (How do global forces affect your local community? How does your work connect to the work of other local communities around the world?) - /MeetingNotes09Sep03

Facilitation: Maristela, Kelsa and Mary will work on framing the dialogue and facilitating it
Convenor: Regina will look into a space at DePaul, if that doesn't work out Jerry will look into a union space
Jerry - Greens, Teamsters, Steelworkers
Marc - Greens, Rainbow/PUSH, Zonta Int'l, World Federalists, Black Voices for Peace
Mary - artists, Access Living, Queer to the Left
Lee- Labor, students
John - housing advocates
Hari - Open University of the Left
Ted - Not in Our Name
Regina - CSAs
Maristela - DePaul students

Next Meeting: August 6th, 1751 W. Devon at the Chicago Humanists 6:30 p.m. /MeetingNotes06Aug03

This meeting will be hosted by Ted at the Chicago Humanists space, where those who have already been involved in the Chicago Social Forum process will come together. In this meeting we will take at look at Open Space Technology and report back on our outreach calls, and hopefully take a look at a draft brochure.