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Q: please tell me a little more about people being able to go in and edit anyone's words. For example, could I post something, and without my permission, someone change my posting but it still end up with my name on it? --BirgittWilliams? (asked via the OSLIST)

A: well, now... this gets right to the root of ownership and control and trust and a raft of other community gems. technically, you have it exactly right. this is an open document. it is ours. we sign or don't sign our names as we choose. we give or retain ownership as we choose to sign. we learn, we contribute, we edit and grow together. it's bound to be messy. it's not likely to be life-threatening. we all make our own choices about signing, owning, listening, sharing, editing, caretaking in virtual community. more about this in the links at NetSpaceSpirit. Maybe we should start a page for WhoOwnsTheseWords?. --MichaelHerman

Q: Hi, Michael and Birgitt. I can see a problem with this, for example in the upcoming OSonOS where it would be a pity if someone (assuming by accident) would change the proceedings made on the physical meeting. Is there a good way to handle this? --ThomasHerrmann

A: Well, I can't say it wouldn't happen. I can say that it didn't happen last year, that all previous revisions are saved afterward, so it could not possibly be lost, that you can print pdf copies of all the pages as they are posted, or I could and that would be the official, static record and then then rest would be allowed to evolve from there. I would also point out that many many things are said in open space meetings and the documentation process is messy and inexact at best, so many things said and just a bit written down, usually by somebody who didn't say most of it. see also MeatBall:WhyWikiWorks --MichaelHerman