For years, I have been playing with the ideas about how to extend Open Space into the cyber-world. The Internet IS Open Space is so many ways, and recently, with the advent of weblogs, which are personal online journals, publishing on the Internet has becomes incredibly successful.

I keep a weblog at my site called Parking Lot ( which is where I take note of the world around me and post thoughts about Open Space, among other things. Since starting my weblog, I have discovered people and places that were previously unknown to me, and I have noticed how weblogs extend the breadth of a person's online presence. But, even though I have a comments application on my weblog, it still misses depth. Weblogs are great at extending, but because they are time dependant, they aren't so good at being spaces in which people can drill down deeper into issues. Wikis on the other hand, do exactly that. Thus the marriage of a weblog that extends span and a wiki that extends depth seems to be the most holistic way to explore ideas in the online world. So this wiki is about topics raised at parking Lot having to do with Open Space.

In this way, it should be pointed out, the marriage of these two technologies create a situation not unlike those created by Open Space Technology. The weblog becomes one part invitation, one part bulletin board and the wiki becomes part market place, part small group discussion and part proceedings document.

Best of all, this wiki is open to anyone who wants to (and nobody has to) extend the ideas and conversations started at my Open Space weblog, that could find more substance and depth here.



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