General Manager of the Global Cooperation Project , a 501c3, which we set up to help develop a Global Cooperative Forum, and a self organizing world, as advocated in Not-Two Is Peace by Adi Da, my late spiritual teacher. Taught at M.I.T., London University and Antioch (Seattle; 92-95, with Open Space !); in recovery from management consulting for Shell, ICI, British Airways, J. Walter Thompson, Motorola and The World Bank. Done/doing penance with ten years non-profit board and senior management sevice. BA (Economics), Cambridge University, Ph.D ( Social Psychology) from the Sloan School of Management at M. I. T. Dual citizen U.K. / U.S., based in Middletown, California

Tell us about a meaningful experience you have had with self-organizing and/or ways you are engaging with new forms of leadership and organization.: Many, since my first T Groups and student protests; working in and consulting to leadership of a State Mental Facility, and similarly in spiritual communities; taking care of , and being taken care of by, 3 babies; corporate consulting; academic committee work; participative, experimental teaching, inc Open space; and trying to change the world .......

When you think about leadership in a self-organizing world, what questions are cooking you? What do you hope to learn at this gathering?: A lot of questions: eg how to reconnect with the Open Space community; how can self-organizing be for real, for us at the conference and even globally ........?