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Few lines of biography:

Recognized as standard-setting consultant by clients and an exceptional facilitator by colleagues, DianaLarsen partners with leaders of software development and other technical groups to strengthen their ability to create and maintain company culture, manage change and improve project performance. Diana serves as a coach, consultant and facilitator to senior and middle managers, development teams and others in a project community. She conducts readiness assessments, leads workshops on team development and collaboration skills, and facilitates processes—including project chartering and retrospectives—that support and sustain change initiatives, attain effective team performance and retain organizational learning.

Diana builds collaborative environments with approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space Technology. She presents tutorials and speaks at conferences, most recently at XP2005, Agile 2005, SD Best Practices and PNSQC. Diana is also a board member of the Agile Alliance, and works with an extensive network of colleagues. Most recently, she has collaborated with Esther Derby to present the powerful workshop, “The Secrets of Agile Teamwork: Beyond Technical Skills,” and to co-author a book on facilitating retrospectives.

My interest in Open Space:

I was first introduced to Open Space in the late 1980's through colleagues. My interest was further piqued when I attended a session with Harrison Owen at the first OD Network Large Group Processes conference in Dallas TX - was that 1995? - then delved deeper with an experience at a Taos Institute conference later that Spring. I began experimenting with it as a sub-process with groups that I facilitate in planning, visioning, and project retrospectives. I have opened spaces for colleagues and clients for ~10 years, as well as experiencing open space as a participant. In 1998 or 99, I attended when Anne Stadler and Peggy Holman, opened space on Women's Leadership in Seattle. In 2000, I attended the OT conference in Cannon Beach, Oregon, and met OS practitioners from around the world. After 5 years of further practice, and 2+ years lurking on the listserv, I think it's time for another connection with colleagues in Open Space.

See you in San Antonio!