2005 info: My name is Diana Lewis. I live and work on a ranch outside a small town in south central Texas. For 30 years I've been a volunteer for La Leche League International, helping mothers make their own informed decisions about breastfeeding and to support each other mother-to-mother. The U.S. Western Division of LLL has used AI, World Cafe and OST at several different trainings and meetings. The positive effects have exceeded our wildest dreams. Many who attended have asked for help to meet and work differently with their groups back at home. We want to soak up all we can about OST and make our future events even more effective. I'm still active in La Leche League because my husband and I believe it offers a way to make a difference in the world. I now feel the same way about OST. I look forward to learning with all of you in San Antonio.

You're invited to a reception beginning at 5 p.m. (suite number will be sent to all registrants) and we hope you'll join us for a casual dinner out, separate checks, Saturday, Nov. 12. Let me know if you can come along: ddlewis@direcway.com

Diana Lewis La Leche League US Western Division H. W. Lewis Ranch, Ranch Rd 336 Box 1399 Leakey TX 78873 830.232.6389 ddlewis@direcway.com

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