I'm Diana Smith. I combines a consulting and academic focus to shift thinking and build capacity through innovative approaches to learning, leadership, planning and change in human systems. My practice includes small group and large system facilitation, coaching, leadership and team development within organizations and with collaborations and partnerships.

I am part of an international community of practice, the Ginger Group Collaborative www.gingergroup.net, that fosters integral, complex thinking and learning in the world. We have become skilled at convening collaborative inquiries that enable deep dialogue and generative learning. My teaching [faculty member, Royal Roads University and University of Victoria] fuels a passion for a world transformed and supports my ongoing learning and development.

I'm an active community member and is enriched by many personal interests and relationships. I'm a Board member of the Power of Hope www.powerofhope.org. Recently I have been part of self-organizing group who are creating a vision for Vancouver Island in 2112...yes more than 100 years from now! Check out the social networking site at www.imagine2112.ning.com for a 12 minute film of a day long gathering to shape the future we want, and a recording of a world cafe session. Integrating arts-based practices into all that I do is a focus now.

What's cooking for me now, is how to position whole-systems change with organizations and sectors that are facing re-structuring, re-trenchment and survival issues??