Session Title: Support Parent

Person who proposed the topic: Larry Linklaes (?)

Participants (pass around this sheet if you like):

  1. Rosa Moise
  2. Sheena Rogers
  3. Evelyn Monias
  4. Bernadine Thomas
  5. Coreen Roulette
  6. Lisa Zackowski

Main point we discussed (try to be brief and make it understandable to others):

Family intervention sensitivity – what role, as staff, to support parents

  1. Trust, confident
  2. Parent room
  3. Respect boundries
  4. 24 hr. notice for home visits

Communication among the program staff to parents# Ask the parents “What would you like; What do they want – surveying

  1. Respite for parent
  2. Family retreats

Resource provided to the parents

  1. Walking groups
  2. How to deal /w stress
  3. Transportation
  4. First-aid / CPR
  5. Brainstorm unique parental involvement
  6. Recording the parental involvement to the programs
  7. Ownership

Next steps we can do together (including who, what and when, if appropriate):