Session Title: Social Support for Communities

Person who proposed the topic:

Marilyn Withaunick Reg Mercredi Corrie Beebe Joannie Robinson Kathy Jones

Participants (pass around this sheet if you like):

Main point we discussed (try to be brief and make it understandable to others):

  1. Communication / trust / feeback / acknowledgment
  2. Advertise on radio
  3. Parent participation / involvement in making poster
  4. Anonymous concerns and ideas
  5. Establishing good contacts
  6. Special events food, bingo
  7. Parent and Child Day
  8. Community kitchen
  9. Sharing circle
  10. Role models

Next steps we can do together (including who, what and when, if appropriate):

  1. Make ourselves known to communities
  2. Go out of our way to help members in our community
  3. Ask questions about the community
  4. Give direct answers to members
  5. Be brave