Session Title: Social Support for Parents and Children

Person who proposed the topic: Delphine Severight

Participants (pass around this sheet if you like):

Elizabeth Seaple Deanna Cool Coreen Roulette LeeAnn? Spence Stella

Main point we discussed (try to be brief and make it understandable to others):

  1. Nutritional bingo meals on wheels for Elders
  2. Having children present plays and parents attend
  3. Meal in a bag parents make meals at Centre and take all ingredients home to make later do in Jan., Feb., & Mar.
  4. Awarding points to parents / community
  5. Be a friend to your parents, it works when you do home visits
  6. Movie nights for parents and children
  7. Workshops for parenting skills
  8. Teen cooking nights
  9. Point system to win prizes for week of hours put in Centre
  10. Potlucks

Next steps we can do together (including who, what and when, if appropriate):

  1. Support on another