Session Title: Staff support

Person who proposed the topic: Marlene Heavy Shields

Participants (pass around this sheet if you like):

Main point we discussed (try to be brief and make it understandable to others):

  1. No orientation / layed back / unprofessional
  2. No grievances
  3. no on to talk to
  4. 10 – 1 ratio
  5. puppet board
  6. no support when it comes to planning
  7. expand the centres / no support
  8. always be mediator
  9. let the staff plan it and they did the planning and it was not carried out
  10. we don’t have happy proactive workers
  11. feel like one person is doing everything / taking on big responsibilities
  12. one person always ruffling feathers
  13. staff are stressed
  14. no special needs staff
  15. won’t let us know what our budget is / never enough money
  16. can’t treat people like slaves
  17. lack of respect for elders
  18. management is losing focus
  19. lack of communication
  20. Director has no experience in communication
  21. No food in budgets
  22. Power and control / running into a brick wall

Next steps we can do together (including who, what and when, if appropriate):

  1. Health Canada to help us
  2. Document everything
  3. Stand up for staff
  4. Unionize (if off reserve) if on-reserve / use the same system

  1. Getting together forming a system / staff development
  2. have workshop / people to media – non-native / strategies sharing circles
  3. elders – if there is a will there is a way