Mark R. Jones is the founder of The Sunyata Group, and CEO of the Sunyata for-profit and non-profit entities. His daily practice is to cultivate compassion, wisdom, skillful means, and collective leadership — in everyday life.

He has over twenty-five years leadership experience (CEO / VP / CIO / CTO / CTA / Chief Architect / Senior Manager / Chair / Vice Chair / . . . ) in business, non-profit, and elected and/or appointed positions, and has led organizations with annual budgets of $100M or greater. Mr. Jones has led and performed organization optimization, large-scale systems architecture and integration programs, customer-facing-technology planning, development, and implementation activities, and IT product development projects — for multi-national corporations and with the U.S. government.

He has supported ALCOA, Boeing, DoC?, DoD?, DoE?, DoI?, Dept. of Treasury, NASA, Seika University, and WA State. In his last large-scale assignment, he co-managed a labor base of 700 contractors with an annual budget of $140 million per year, identified $90 million dollars in cost savings for his client, and generated $12M of revenue for his operating division. Over the course of his professional career Mr. Jones has achieved over a billion dollars in cost savings, cost avoidance, and/or revenue generation — using compassionate, effective and innovative, leadership practices; and skillfully applying wisdom, and business and political savvy. He has over ten years of experience doing international work — including one year of international travel assignments.

Mr. Jones value contribution is that he implements visions (highest aspirations and values) — FROM discerning the needs, aspirations, lifecycles, constraints, and conditions of the whole-system of internal and external ecosystems; TO assembling, developing, and leading temporary and long-term implementation and maintenance teams that fulfill the visions. The combination of his leadership, technical, and spiritual skills allows him to create open and collaborative work environments that are responsive to the needs of his Stakeholders.

Mr. Jones Core Competencies are: Leadership & Management

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Optimization Consulting

Sustainability Strategy Implementation — “Net-Provider” Approach

       >  Water (i.e., surface water reclamation)
       >  Food (i.e., gardens and CSA)
       >  Energy (i.e., renewable and energy reclamation)
       >  Technology Design | Reuse | Recycle
       >  Facilities & Manufacturing | Transportation & Distribution
       >  Information (data, knowledge, wisdom)
       >  Wellness (health resource optimization)
       >  Human Services (basic needs)
       >  Compassionate Human Relationships

Mr. Jones is a Master “Systems Architect” and “Strategic Thinking Partner” senior consultant who serves as a strategic business integration partner. He is the developer of the "H-S-L Practice of Compassion", and is a spiritual leader and teacher — focused on the cultivation of wisdom, compassion, and skillful means in everyday life. He has been a Buddhist spiritual practitioner since 1966.

Mr. Jones has a Masters of Science degree in Management from Antioch University – Seattle (1996); B.A. Systems Analysis, Western Washington University (1978); High School Diploma, Meadowdale High School (1975); and 2500+ hours technical, management, executive, and community capacity-building training. He is a graduate of the following Boeing management and leadership programs: SSG Executive Development Program (EDP); Leading From the Middle Seminar; Boeing Senior Management Seminar; First & Mid-Level Management Seminar; ISS Strategy Council; YMCA Black Achievers Program; Senior Executive Program – I and II; Executive Potential "ExPo?" Program; Leadership Development Program - Computing; Leadership Development Program - Aerospace; Boeing Middle Management Seminar; Basics of Supervision Seminar; and Boeing Pre-Management Seminar. He is also a graduate of: Washington State Leadership Conference (1974); Washington State Boys State Conference (1974); and Outward Bound (1972).