Notes from the Editor

Spring has turned to summer in the northern hemisphere, and Peggy Holman and I are celebrating by bringing back STORIES, after a long hiatus. We invite you to share your stories, adventures and misadventures in Open Space.

Here in the northwest corner of the United States, we had a long, cold and stormy winter, followed by a long, cold and stormy spring. One of the local passes, closed for winter, was unable to open on the appointed date because they had six inches of fresh snow the night before—in mid-May.

Since then, the weather has warmed, and we are taking our sun-starved bodies outside to walk, garden, sit in the park—anything to soak up sunshine.

Thanks to the couple who built our house and planted gardens, back in the early 60s, our yard is filled with azaleas and rhododendrons, masses of coral, yellow, pink, red and white flowers. I love the intense colors and blossom-scented air, and bless them for their vision and hard work. What seeds are you planting today, to grow and bloom in the future?

With appreciation,

Joelle Everett, consultant, coach, poet, and editor of this newsletter.