Issue: Lernende Region Schleswig/Sonderjylland?. Develeoping Ideas of colaboration, using open space technology

Convenor: AlexanderSchilling

Participants: AlexanderSchilling

Summary of the meeting: Because I was the only participant, I took 10 minutes for myself to figure out, what projects of collaboration would be interesting for me: cultural exchange of designschools (design is one of my professional backgrounds), exchange of theater-school-classes (i am actually involved in cultural management of a theaterschool in Hamburg), working with youngsters about their future: Where I want to go? on different levels: word, image, bodywork

Follow up: all danish people, that are interested in developing a project together, are welcome please contact AlexanderSchilling

Online Comments:

Alexander, here on Bowen Island in Canada we are just starting a supported home learning program for 25 young people who are all home learners. If you want to reach an interesting community of youngsters with some project ideas, let me know through emailing -- ChrisCorrigan