SESSION TOPIC: The Topic of this session was changed to - Setting Intention for What We Love

Host: DianaLarsen

Scribe/note taker: DianaLarsen

Participants: SheilaIsakson, DianaLewis, TedErnst, LindaXimenes, MistyDunn, LucyBurton, GayatriErlandson

Discussion Highlights:

To start the session we explored our stories about:

What is intention?

What level of intention do we set? How much of myself will I invest in this intention?

Intention can start with a thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if....?"

Attention-Intention-Pacing Balance-Blended-Harmonious

The importance of making it public; getting it out of our heads and owning it to someone else.

Intentions may lead us to:

Elements of Intention

Levels or Continuum of Intention:

(no action or thought of action) Reverie->Intention (conscious intention setting with actions)->Manifestation (recognizing the outcome)

But maybe it's more of a spiral path to our Soul's Intention

How do we anchor it? with intention at the core

In our group we identified our own Soul's Intentions (see the mind map photo on Ted's Flickr page)

Final Questions:

In the Continuum:


Powerful quotes:

Unanswered questions: