If you want to be a RecentChangesJunkie, dive right in and click RecentChanges now. Or read HowToUseRecentChanges first if you like. A junkie cannot visit the site without seeing which pages have recently changed. It's sort of like taking a poll before you decide what to do, but the more often a page changes, the more interest that shows in the page and the easier it will be for other RecentChangesJunkies to take part in whatever's going on there. If you favorite page doesn't show up on RecentChanges anymore, perhaps a minor edit or ReFactoring would help? That action will certainly bring it back to the top of RecentChanges where perhaps it will strike someone else's fancy this time around.

Also, junkies gotta have their fix. First it's a monthly thing. Then it's a weekly thing. Before you know it, you're visiting everyday. You touch up formatting, correct spelling, add content, and keep an eye out for troubles. It's like the ladies walking club in a neighborhood. They really know their space. They know what's happening.