I originally experienced open space and self organizing in India back in 2004. The conference was called radiant networking and the experience was very embracing of my whole being. I found a much fuller expression in myself within a large group of what became very close friends in a short period of time. The ability to share and co-create experiences was a foundation ship for me. The rapture was full and I felt experienced by everyone who was there. I've since had many more such profound experiences and now I see my music making in a similar way. Opening new parameters, paradigms and was of being where I am able to witness my own music making.

When you think about leadership in a self organizing world? What questions are cooking you? What do you hope to learn at this gathering?

What's cooking me right now? I am interested in developing curricula for the development of presence with fellow medical and wellness practitioners. I've been intrigued by interviewing doctors and lay people alike in their opinions and experiences of what is presence. I interested in finding common languages/ languaging supporting the process of moving from linear mindset to multidimensional being. I invite you to be a party to this process.