What would call you to join a (professional?) network of co-intelligent/transformational change agents?

Convenors: JohnAbbe, TomAtlee, AdinRogovin?, HeatherTischbein, LynBazzell

Other participants: TodSloan, ZerathaYoung?

This is something that the Co-Intelligence Institute - http://co-intelligence.org/ - is contemplating.

practical easy exercises that manifest co-intelligence, that can be done with groups

community of practice to continuously develop practices

occasional immersive trainings, other kinds of gatherings

NCDD meets a lot of such needs, but doesn't offer trainings in a lot of models, which typically costs a lot of money

systematic, theoretical reflection on what would improve these processes - use video to all see the same situation (of ourselves?)

would like something like NCDD conference but Open Space

monthly conference calls

Theodor wants to get these practices out there more; what does he need to get it out there?

And then how to bring attention to them?

Put things on Wikipedia, already doing an online journal

How do we earn a living doing this work?

Being a consultant, being a facilitator, ??

Do co-intelligent work in the job/life you have now.


Conferences - lower-scale than here

Take the conference on the road, organize around inexpensive venues and home-stays

Colocate with festivals and other likely events

How to get more process trainings available to more people?

Invite/require people in network to offer training/services pro bono or in some way to grassroots/activist folks (meaningful to Ted)

people make known their net worth anonymously, compare total to the cost of various things we'd like to see done

income sharing in network, or some form of financial security for

offering strategy therapy - making it easy to get a group together to think together about, eg, how do i connect my work in portland to poverty in central america? (Tom - a la Wishcraft)

Lyn - Mastermind - competitors meeting periodically and supporting each other, led to taking on larger projects together

Deliberative citizen engagement

Marketing multi-process programs to govt groups, citizen groups, etc.

IAP2 has a list of group processes, but doesn't train in them.

Transpartisan skillset

Toolkit for translating co-intelligence into meetings

who would be the market?

Aspen Community Foundation - gives startup capital to (Colorado?) non-profits

Manju - there's a new tax status for for-profits that are mission-driven; allows them to receive money from foundations

Zeratha - another new one is B corporation

there was an earlier curriculum effort at CII

organize trainings/processes in various co-intelligence-related topics (springing from Tom's idea for Jim to break DF training into various segments - reflection, chart-padding, etc.)

network could offer learning tracks, seeded around a topic

to join is to commit to peer & participant review, you ratings and your ongoing learning are publicly viewable

list of values you want to embody

$x/year, a portion goes to operating expenses, a portion is up to participants how to spend, ??


Network through: