Convener: Peggy Holman

Attendees: Richard Bisbee, Joshua Gorman, Doug Marteinson, Zeratha Young, Heather Tischbein, Rachel Lyn ramson, Brian S Bainbridge, Harold Shinsato., Joan Unterschuetz, Natasha Sacouman

Discussion Peggy shared highlights from her book draft - Engaging Emergence: Patterns of Change for Turning Disruptions into Opportunities. A link to a current draft is at After setting the stage, the conversation followed people's responses to the material.

Much of it centered on Heather's challenges with funders and why it is so challenging to work with them. They are looking for ever more specific outcomes and measures for them. Yet it is clear that when emergence is involved, specifics are not only unpredictable but can actually sub-optimize what is possible. The idea of appealing to a shared dream came up as a means to connect.

There were several reflections on the challenge of finding language to bridge from current to emerging frames of reference.

A closing reflection from Joan: it is a challenge to deepen my own capacity to hold on to possibility and not responsibility lightly.