Green Youth Media - Education Saturday, May 16, 2009 11:18 AM

Culturally relevant communication around health, community, engaging all. Communication makes it a popular movement. Prioritizing and intentionalizing this creates a focus about who shows up and creates the space for diversity.


History - The Dream Reborn, first green festival in the south with 70% people of color and 60% youth. Felt significantly different. Felt a shared commitment to the demographic shift. Lots of flavor. Take it to the next level. The right people came and were ready to work.

Decided to take this on the road throughout the US. Especially with the commitment to create green pathways out of poverty.

Backed by Green for All with budget of $150,000. Artists, presenters, history of road trips, people who are fun, able to perform and do the work that is necessary, people with education background.


Shaktari – Worked on alternative educational options for children for years. Currently working for Gaia University

Larry - currently self-employed organizational consultant working Long time OST practitioner. 17 years of life organizing national network in Canada regarding homelessness. Worked on LA white racism issues. Works with non-profits, OST, businesses…

Ashley - From N. Carolina and Georgia. Dedicated to life flourishing. Works with children, foster children, was ready to work with teens in the wilderness, but instead ended up teaching highly capable kids in Seattle. In the process of leaving that job and looking for what's next. Curious.

Milt - Portland. Heady guy who needs embodiment to bring work alive. Retired from IBM, got involved in learning organizations, sustainability, wanted to understand what brings life and raises social consciousness. Developed Archetypes for Sustainability and Curve of Hope. Wrote The Appreciation Field. Constructs are clear that the 2 paradigm shifts are from mechanical to organic ways of thinking. How do you bring that alive. Kids get it. How could I work with you and perhaps feed material? Second shift is: How do we move from scarcity to limited abundance (in terms of capacity).

Suzanne - Believes in the reconstruction of community. New movements provide a focal point to re-experience communities. Been part of mainstream corporate world and not exposed to racism, environmentalism, etc. I represent one of the bridge builders and want to retain the authenticity of where I was. Needs openings everywhere and want to stay in the place where I am and travel back and forth.

GAMES Sharing: Clear your mind and take 5 breaths together. Throw out several themes you heard and let that be your palatte of colors. You don't have to use them. Free flow. Don't have to make sense. Only rule is to take words from your neighbors. Read what you wrote back in pairs, words entangled with spaces entwined.

Reflection: How do we hold the energy? How do we honor and integrate? 1. Circle the words that pop out for you on each person's writing. (The game of being unprecious about your writing.) 2. Read back only the collective's choices of circled portions. 3. Write a word in response at the end. (10 secs) 4. Read in order around the circle

REFLECTIONS WITHIN THE GROUP… Sometimes you can take the wealthy of the responses distilled into the nuggets and then taken into dance. Literacy, language, and perceived limitations are no issue. There is always a way to incorporate everything…it emerges. Feelings: Wrestling with the words, the poeticness of it. That's a smaller part of the story. It's who we were for each other and how we connected and flowed together. I can do this with anybody here. We created the dance anyone can step in.

Sense of stepping out of a water fountain. Then feeling the wave of it going around. When each read their own words, incredible versions washing through.

Going back from own thread to self and back again. Dance " Follow, Lead, And Proceed." Guessing where the energy will go. Keep your own thread and be entirely responsive. We think we can't but the body can. Hybridation is possible. We don't have to choose one over the other.

This experience of synchronicity, even with Jeff arriving in perfect timing. True spirit of play together after deep sadness this morning. Having fun like in the sand box together. Wave of grief and sadness and let it go and be happy for a moment of time and just be…lovely.

Enjoyed playing with words. Allows one to be a witness to poetry as it emerges. Different than dialogue. Value is it is at some distance, images rather than connections. Not an area of strength for me. Fun to play in this realm.

I'm in awe of the beauty that emerged. How do we honor it all? What is the essence that makes improv special? There is joy in every moment.

Question: Anything we can do to carry the message of the road show and assist?

POETRY: Washing through me is The essence acknowledging flow – The Arctic melting Green washing Heart Peaking Flow

Peaked Oil Proposed truth Spirits meaning Getting you wet!

We are empowered We choose to do What did you say?

Is it getting me expressed Wealth with creativity? Humility unbound. A circle encompassing Urgency Curious Pouring Peak creativity proposed Truth