Participants included: Kay Vogt, Carol Hiltner,Sherry Helmke, Denna Vandersloot, Norma Burton (and Roosey in heart)

I am in gratitude to those who posed pertinent questions, helping me to clarify my own quest -thanks Kay, Denna, Carol and Ashel!

I am also in appreciation to those who offered supportive and poignant advice-thank you John Atler, Shaktari, Carol, Sherry

This session was called by a need to interact with like minded visionaries in the co-creation of a retreat center in the Central Cascade mountains and for exploring ideas for structuring a non profit business container with full or partial land acquisition.

The deepest passion driving this retreat center is a vision of witnessing indigenous groups worldwide gathering to share, grieve, celebrate on this sacred, native Wanapam land.

In the challenging process of bringing world cultures together, a very powerful, self- meditative energy exists for all healing arts mediums, survival education and practice, pure childhood wilderness adventure, solitary and group retreats, global issue exchange, wild foods culinary experiences ....

All are invited to physically experience this land during the weekend of June 6 and 7. If you are inclined to make it a weekend retreat, bring tents, shoes with grip, headlamps, food and any instruments for campfire music.