Describe the new page here. Why do we need leadership if everything is self-organizing?

Convened by JunAkutsu

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What is the "self" that is organizing? Group identity, tribe, nationality... As humans, we have capacity to center around organizing. Name center, deliberate, create attraction.

Open space--timing, identity, attractor. Not community yet. Attune to what's emerging. Fallacy, Expectations, assumptions of open space, ignoring facts, deluding ourselves. Intent, invitation, attracted to purpose.

Biases, purpose. To animate, engage people.

River bank metaphor. Without it, water goes everywhere. Structure can be useful. May be premature to set up a bank.

Whatever happens is the only thing it could have happened.

To create a container. Matching methods. Create architecture, or barrier, social fabric. Prevents from connecting.

Gives people freedom, not managing. Enables people. Problem solving. Visions, goals. Capacities to generate possibilities. Create energy, rather than consume energy.


A lot of "leaders" are like fish swimming in the ocean; they are just there. Is it a right question? Catch the importance.

Shift from "leader as a hero" to "host." Convening, conversation that matters.

The Six Conversations by Civic Engagement

Distributed leadership, co-leadership. Doesn't have to be one person. Learning and exploring ideas, concepts. Interact in the process.

"We," group of individuals, motivated. Something else to mull for awhile, collectively.

Paradox "Superior man," old paradigm Leadership--put aside small"s," for bigger "S." Clarity Self-awareness Relationship Convener

Create vision, well-intended, serving. Not mechanical imposition.

Concept of "Self," natural order emerging. I am a human-being...Self. To respond, I can, I want to help. Tending to relationships.

Quality of attracting, naturally.

Pointing to what is, what's center. Commune humanity. Support emergence. Condition to interaction. Different from older leadership. What is information we lose. Continue asking questions. Sense making Bear the burden of a king. Giving space.

Fellowship Listening is healing. Appreciate silence. Community

Value diversity "Let's-pick-one-way" tendency Capacity Maximize collective intelligence.

Depth over Order (pick one right away) Diverse viewpoints

Patriotism, cynicism, water-cooler No identity

Choice point What worldviews to bring in. See multiple possibilies Offering stories

Be more conscious of sense-making process

Shadow, self-interest Create more options Order and chaos Transformational, willingness A lot of unknown hang around

Not Leadership in Self-organizing world

Leadership in Self-organizing world

 Make room for others to do the same

Facilitation Get into zone, hang out there Options will show up Don't design for specific outcomes Design for emergence to happen. Help people question more. Emergent design

Self-organizing team vs Self-directed team Option within a structure