Centering - "What are you thinking? What are you feeling?"

Introductions/Stories?/Why? are you HERE (at this session)

KayaJacolev, SusanPartnow, RichardBisbee, NinaEscudero, JoannaDunn?


    Two divorces - One happy, one painful, loss grief; Another "Together" but separated - rrrrrromance (not realistic) or Fiddler on the Roof.
    Unemployed - living in the unknown

Life without regrets - You are your best and wisest at the moment you are dying.

Living from what your heart is telling you. Keep moving in that direction. Live and death are two sides of the same coin.

How to be okay with pain, grief - it's a struggle.

A journey of inquiry.

With relationship - can we stay together and still do our own work.

It begins with the individual, honesty with self, doing something you can give your heart to.

"Don't beat yourself with a wet noodle."

How to support yourself when you want to grow.

It's who you are being, not what you are doing. Who I am is much more than what I do....but do we "do" anything, really? Do we need to "do" anything. Being not doing is most important. If you weren't "doing something", would you be okay with yourself?

Do what lights you what calls you. Be authentic. What makes you feel alive. Rather than be judgemental, ask "How do you bring your work into the world?"

We need balance - You can't push the river..."but you can swim with it!" Getting washed up on the banks and not knowing when or where to dive back in.

Being in the "not knowing" without fear. Being "let go" from a job that didn't feel good anyway. Pushed into other projects. If you can be okay in the not knowing, you move toward greater things.

Anxiety, fear, worry are wasted time and energy - Just be in the present moment.

Life and death - entrance and exit from one realm into the next.

8 Limbed Yoga - Yama/NiYama? - Yoga ethics

  1. 1 Ahimsa - Nonviolence....Towards self....Accept compliments, don't beat yourself up. Open space as a field for non-violence.

How do we deal with Pain and Discomfort? Be in the moment. Be curious. Be still. Sense. Wait. Don't run away.

As adults, we're "supposed to" know - have the answers. We have to defend our idea of ourselves. We have a 2 year old inside of us (Jill Bolt Taylor) that will never grow up and needs to be cared for. When we feel judged, wounded, wronged, abandonded - it's a different baby. Job as parent is to adore your children.

Compassionate listening - Compassion needs to be cultivated as a renewable resource through gratitude and appreciation and self compassion.

Fullfill commitments only that ring true and are authentic - that do not violate you as a manifestation of spirit.

Importance of supporting yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually so that you can do your work in the world.

Closing gratitude.