SESSION TOPIC: We have $750 to open more space in the USA--How?

Host: DougGermann

Scribe/note taker: DougGermann

Participants: SheilaIsakson, LindaXimenes, DianaLarsen, BarbaraEmanuel?, MistyDunn, SusanKHughes, CarolRodriguez

Discussion Highlights:


  1. Use money for making facilitators available
  2. Pay travel costs
  3. ** Good articles for business magazines--shop them around
  4. Seek to be self-perpetuating
  5. Collaborate on case studies
  6. Poll OSlist--places for articles, especially to see if people have places which will always take their articles
  7. Buy User's Guide and distribute and share
  8. ** Do a summary book--old User's Guide? Michael Herman's site?
  9. ** Offer summary book through OSI-USA--nominal, PDF, POD--like AI "thin book"
  10. Scholarships
  11. Getting non profits to talk together
  12. Long view--youth
  13. Bank the $750 and earn interest
  14. **Buy chapters of Change Handbook (Peggy Holman) from Berrett-Kohler
  15. **Small change for micro loans--go to site--I'll give or loan $25 to put in bank--leverages the money many times
  16. **Version in Spanish, Farsi, Russian, Viet Namese, Chinese, Ukraine, French, Italian--like appliance manuals
  17. Do a training with non profits--"The leadership collaborative"--paid by Annie E. Casey Foundation--San Antonio did--Linda and Carol are participants
  18. Technical Assistance Coordinators--Resource


  1. Wiki, agile software people--innovative software development industries
  2. ** Non-profits--board members spread to other groups virally
  3. Those who want to transform their organizations--like La Leche, Community Weaver
  4. Leadership seminars in schools--how create service project--associated student body--grade school kids
  5. Church communities--youth groups
  6. Parents
  7. Small business--do OS with customers and suppliers
  8. **GFSC--offer booklets to them to pass out (and learn themselves)
  9. Poverty in back yard--city park--homeless
  10. Home schoolers and un-home schoolers
  11. Health organizations--by disease
  12. People you know in other organizations
  13. Training boards
  14. Within parishes--under the radar
  15. Girl Scouts--grass roots to top and back down--also YWCA
  16. Find groups who are ready--using AI, expanded coffee breaks
  17. Real Estate organizations
  18. People who challenge traditional ways
  19. Non profit resouce centers--state, local
  20. People who teach communication skills

Professional Hows

  1. If pro bono, I get to choose what to do as an exchange of value
--limit to one per month or three per year


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