- Currently employed at Omidyar Network in Redwood City, CA as a Community Manager for omidyar.net. - 7 years experience in non-profit sector, with emphasis on Asset-based community development (graduate degree in Political Science with emphasis on Community Development) - Worked as a facilitator while directing the Women & Diversity Program at an Illinois YWCA. - Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Bulgaria) - Chicago native!

Became interested in Open Space approach after attending the omidyar.net members conference in July 2005 (props to Michael Herman for his facilitation skills). Would like to improve facilitation skills and learn by doing in a welcoming environment.

Susan Megy Omidyar Network 1991 Broadway, Suite 200 Redwood City, CA 94063 p: 650/482-2580 f: 650/482-2525