Convener: TedErnst

Participants: LindaXimenes, DianaLewis, SheilaIsakson, ...

Key Points: We're learning how to use the wiki. How to sign in with the password. How to create a wikiword.


Michael, could we have a edit link at the top of the page?

Michael, the password is not easy. There's an asterisk in the box that if people click into the field instead of tabbing in, stays there when they start typing the password. Could we try either opening it up again temporarily to see if the spam comes right back? If not, I'm not sure what else to say. People are not finding the instructions easy to find. Could we put the password directly in the footer? And in bigger type (regular size is fine, just not so small like it is now)?


You can make a page for instructions -- just how to edit, not how to format and all that -- put it on your main proceedings page, or on the homepage. put a note about * in the instructions. use your experience to make the instructions exactly as short as they can possibly be and still get people through the process. if i'd known that you would use this for documenting, i could have turned the pw off and you could be monitoring for spam while it's open. if you want me to open, i will. if that's still helpful. the instruction bit would be a big help, beyond the event as well, i think. i'd be grateful for the improvements you'd make. let me know if there's anything else that you'd need me to do from the admin chair. MichaelHerman