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Welcome to the OpenSpaceWorldNetwork! thank you for checking in here and helping open this space for practitioners worldwide.

first there was openspaceworld.ORG - the place where OSI put a stake in the web and created a place for the stories, news and practices that are open space tech.

then, harrison created openspaceworld.COM - which has become a place for .COM stuff like book sales, training programs and generally a 'guru' sort of anchor to the openspaceworld domain family.

what you have here is the dawn of openspaceworld.NET - an open space for practitioners worldwide to post news and proceedings from community and other projects from all over.

openspaceworld.COM is mostly closed, written only by harrison. openspaceworld.ORG is more open, accessible to authorized editors for posting community news like osonos invitations, resources for purchase, and other relatively static structural items. openspaceworld.NET is envisioned as a totally open site where any practitioner could post his/her event proceedings, local practice group news, projects with ost colleagues, or anything else they'd like to convene and work on here.

if this is one big open space, for ost practitioners worldwide, there should be some sort of framing invitation and focus (givens/criteria) for what should/could go on here???

on our March conference call, i suggested that we work here together to create these criteria because:

*we registered the domain name a couple of months ago and i wanted openspaceworld.NET to get busy being born
*it seemed important to have this space convened by a number of leaders
*it seemed important that those leaders experience this wiki medium directly before/as they give shape to this wiki space
*the work of giving this space shape and direction parallels several of what seem to be our most important conversations as a board. openspaceworld.NET and the following other projects all seem to suggest an OSI organization that is becoming an opener and holder of open spaces for various movements, large and small:

**OSIBoardNews? -



*finally, by bringing the development and documentation of these things to this wiki space, we make our work (eventually) transparent to all, even as this space is now publicly accessible but not publicly announced/linked from anywhere.

online wiki space seems to me like the closest thing to ongoing, online openspace, because everyone can have a hand in posting, editing and rearanging what's on the big wall.

notice that as this space grows and evolves, we can change the shape of everything. for instance all of these founding topics above can be moved into the background and the list of practitioner projects can be moved to this front page. likewise, the 'about' info at the top of this page can be moved to an 'about' page, as the space is more clearly defined by the list of projects that would eventually appear on this front page. and so on...

thanks for your help in getting things started here. MichaelHerman

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