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Open Space practitioners and participants -- those already beginning to use OST in their communities -- are invited to do their work here. Practitioners can convene ongoing project workgroups and/or post the proceedings from OST conferences online. Participants can use this space to coordinate follow-up activities. The intention is to enrich the OST story through this open, public practice of OST. We invite you convene something here. Invite others to work on specific projects and conferences in this online open space. HowToUseWiki

NetSpaceDevelopment? is one of the things already convened here. It is the project plan for developing OpenSpaceWorld online. We are beginning here by practicing what we preach, using the site to develop itself, in this wiki form of online open space.

First-time visitor? Just follow the links that are most interesting. Or see HowToUseWiki. You can always came back to this page, OpenSpaceWorldNET, with the link in the upper left header bar. Frequent visitors and contributors will want to click RecentChanges. That page makes it easy to find the action, see who's been here posting, and/or track the pages you're most interested in.