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A Call for (online) Leaders

We invite you to join us at http://www.openspaceworld.NET -- an entirely new web address, to be developed as a peer to the existing .ORG and .COM sites.

This new site is a wide open "wiki" website -- a project and posting space for OST practitioners worldwide. "Wiki" is a hawaiian way to say "quick." Its use is quick AND easy -- like one big online Open Space -- an electronic combination of marketplace wall and ongoing proceedings document.

Like Open Space Technology itself, the many potential benefits and uses of http://www.openspaceworld.NET will only be realized as we use it together. And like swimming, we will only really learn it by ‘jumping in’ and doing it. Please join us!

Here’s what we might do there:

Our collective http://www.openspaceworld.NET wiki website opens many new possibilities, the list above being only the beginning of what might grow up there. As we get started, we must be patient with ourselves as we learn our way into this. Some of us must also be active and responsible there, or nothing will happen there. There is no Plan B. <grin>

PLEASE JOIN US... in a working group that will begin posting and learning there, and in the process, will give the space shape for others to come and work and learn together. So far, the http://www.openspaceworld.NET wiki website is brought to you by Open Space Institute (USA) and a lot of time, energy and love by MichaelHerman (JohnEngle wrote that part).

We believe it has the potential of helping all of us to expand our practice in Open Space. We also believe that it is going to foster shared learning among all who become involved.

Click http://www.openspaceworld.NET and then click all around the new site, and see if this is something you would like to play and grow together. It's all very new and emerging. We need your help to give it shape and direction. We are eager for you to join us in this collective online experiment!

It's time to jump in! Please join us!

Open Space Institute, USA
MichaelHerman, JohnEngle and ChrisCorrigan, co-facilitators