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Lisa Heft

Consultant, Facilitator, Educator
O p e n i n g S p a c e
2325 Oregon Street
Berkeley, California
94705-1106 USA
+01 510 548-8449

I look forward to learning from and with you. The following is a bit of my background. Please feel free to contact me if I can help you in any way by sharing thoughts, materials, support and community. I facilitate Open Space events and also offer workshops where people of all experience levels learn the method together.

I have been an independent consultant, facilitator and Master Level interactive learning specialist since 1974. I have presented and consulted in Brazil, South Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Zambia, Spain, Thailand and the USA with business leaders, university students, faith communities, peacemakers, young people, violence survivors, educators, scientists, prisoners, union and management representatives, conference organizers, researchers, activists and government representatives. I facilitate Open Space meetings, retreats, events and conferences for groups of up to 1500 people, evaluate curriculum and train trainers in interactive learning methods, and present workshops in Open Space, skillsbuilding for NGOs and interactive learning methodology for conferences, organizations and communities.

My clients have included the United States Department of Labor / United States Department of Transportation, the International AIDS Conferences, Glaxo Wellcome / World Health / Centerforce, Catholic Diocese of San Jose, Foundation Consortium, Grupo Pela Vidda (Brazil), FioCruz? (Brazil), Partnership for the Publicís Health, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Family Health International and the United States Scholar-Athlete Games and the Presidentís Commission on National and Community Service.

I have been involved in AIDS education since 1985, and I am still involved in facilitation and interactive learning consultation for major international AIDS programs.

Currently I am the Vice President of the Board of the Open Space Institute of the United States.

welcome to the wiki Lisa! --TedErnst (still looking to hear more about Zambia, but haven't checked email so perhaps you've already answered - now that I read your page I'm interested in South Africa as well! :-)