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  1. A page can only be started by one person (either by one person writing it from scratch or by one person borrowing text from another page here or elsewhere).
  2. Anyone has the right to change whatever I write.
  3. Anyone has the right to change it back.
  4. Conflicts will have to be decided by the participants (meaning all of us, not just those directly involved in the conflict itself).
  5. There is no ContentControl.
  6. There is no VocabularyControl.
  7. This will all work a lot better if we're nice to each other.
  8. If I make a change and someone changes it back, perhaps that means a discussion is in order. Create a discussion about the change you tried to make and see what the community says about it. Maybe it just wasn't understood what you were trying to do.
  9. We (the community of people visiting, writing and editing this site) are in charge of the NetSpaceGivens, adding more, removing all of them, whatever.