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A Little History... and Context

In our online beginning, there was [OpenSpaceWorld.ORG]- the place where OSI put a stake in the web and created a place for the stories, news and practices that are Open Space Technology. Then, HarrisonOwen? created [OpenSpaceWorld.COM] - which has become a place for .COM stuff like book sales, training programs and generally a 'guru' sort of anchor to the openspaceworld domain family.

And now, we welcome you to [OpenSpaceWorld.NET] - Net Space - an open space for practitioners worldwide to post news and proceedings from community and other projects from all over.

[OpenSpaceWorld.COM] is written almost entirely by HarrisonOwen?. [OpenSpaceWorld.ORG] is more open and able to be edited by practitioners everywhere for news like osonos invitations, resources for purchase, and other organizational items. This new [OpenSpaceWorld.NET] space is wide open for all Open Space practitioners AND their participants, worldwide.

[OpenSpaceWorld.NET] is offered as a totally open site where any practitioner can post his/her event proceedings, local practice group news, projects with ost colleagues, or anything else they'd like to convene and work on here. Anyone using OST for public/community gathering can post their proceedings here and invite their participants to come and continue their work in this online space. This means that ANY group or project working in Open Space can have a working webspace up and running immediately after (or even during) their meeting or event.