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Blog is short for Weblog. Bloggers are people who write blogs. Blogs are ongoing journals on topics of all kinds, some narrowly focused some ranging widely. Some bloggers post several times daily, some post once, some post less frequently. Some blogs have groups of bloggers posting to them. They are usually organized with the most recent posts on the top of the page, archived in separate pages for each week or month.

None of which tells you why they are interesting.

They are interesting because they listen to each other, talk to each other, and link to each other. Taken together they form something called the Blogosphere... the world of all blogs. And individually, like any journalling practice, they are a source of deepening understanding and refining clarity.

Taking in others' postings and one's own experiences in working and living with the rest of the world and digesting it into something that makes sense to you is very much like being in OpenSpaceTechnology meetings. The blogosphere itself is very much like one big marketplace bulletin board in an OST event. Consider a sort of "Law of Two Clicks" corollary to the Law of Two Feet.

Anyone keeping a blog that makes regular reference to OST ideas, practices and/or events is welcome to post their name and blog URL at OpenSpaceWorldNET. That way we can all play together.

Blogging is free and does not require a website or technical experience. It's similar to web-based email. It can be set up for free at sites like Please join us... to read or to blog!