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Deborah has developed and implemented business software for over twenty years, while painting and studying Art History on the side to keep sane. However, her latest way to keep sane is Scrum, an Agile project management methodology, within which she has been working for the past three years. She is a Senior Business Systems Analyst at Trader Media in Toronto, where she is methodology lead in implementing Scrum with a small team. Deborah is a certified ScrumMaster, passionate advocate of the benefits of ASD, and a member of the Agile Alliance. Deborah participates in various online and in-person Agile communities, including ScrumToronto and XpToronto?. (January 2004)
More about Deborah, including contact info, on at

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Deborah can be reached via the membership list of the "ScrumDevelopment?" and "AgileAlliance?" YahooGroups, among others.

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