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How Do You Open Space in Your Life?

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Participants: Sue Ann

* Contemplate opening myself to what is
* Be silent and listen one more beat
* Look around for what is
* Pause
* Journal
* Honor my purpose
* Say less, write less punctuate less leave room for ambiguity
* Take out every word
* See if the reverse is the obverse
* Look for the spaces....
* Look for the ....
* Attend to my peripheral vision
* Perform an act of love I am not expecting to do
* In a meeting:
:# wait a little more
:# listen for the emptiness around the hearts, the silence embracing the words
:# butterflying
:# push your chair back to come closer
:# watch the body (yours and theirs) and feet, not head and hands
* Savor
* Chew more, chew slower
* Uncross my arms
* Put toys and chocolate on the table to invite
* Who have we not invited?
* How would it look if I were more open?
* How would it look if we were more open with each other?
* Pay attention during transition times--driving, walking down a long hall, waiting in airports, sitting on a train, waiting at a RR crossing
* Being conscious of being in found space and time
* Looking at reflections in the mirror, coffee table top, windows
* Unfocused times--letting thing A relate to thing B
* Be right back

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