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Story pattern of the development and history of a Catholic Parish in Melbourne as an emergent Self Organizing System over some four and a half years.

Described the steps in that development, including 2 Open Space events for all the parish, looking to the future of the parish. Some talking about these steps and their effect and impact.

Elements discussed included:
Priest part of holding the space for the whole parish;
Small successes adding up over time;
Shared experience among groups -and need to do this better, perhaps;
Some pride in the developments, shared by parishioners and priest;
Ownership of the improvements by the parishioners coming after a time - almost grudgingly among some of the "antiques";
Need to work out how to "keep this going" in the short term and in the event of departure of the current priest;
Things that went "bung" ended up being self-corrected by those initiating such programs.