This page is to record conversations and ideas that were not necessarily part of the topic, but we wanted to be sure to remember after the conference.

What is your passion?
What do you love? DianaLarsen
What is your vision?
Who has most inspired you?
What is your inspiration for today?
What is the most interesting thing for you today? GayatriErlandson
What is Your Watershed Address? SusanKHughes
What moves your soul?
What do you live for?
What makes you click?
Start with something easy, then move into What's your passion?
What vegetable do you hate the most?
How's your interior today?
Tell me what you love....
Think about upstream and downstream consequences of what you do. SusanKHughes
What do you love about your life?
What surprised you this week? What was unexpected? GayatriErlandsen?
On nametags: Favorite author; Who are you grateful for? GayatriErlandson
Favorite book over the last year? GayatriErlandson
What keeps you from using OS as much as you'd like?
What were the most fulfilling times of your life?

Interesting references noted to explore: Book: A Pattern Language, by Christoher Alexander, to use in design and architecture

Book: Loving What Is, by Byron Katie, The Work, process of inquiry

Book: The Answer to How? Is Yes: Acting On What Matters Peter Block

Book: Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered by Machaelle Small Wright, about being a full partner with nature in stewarding the planet. Co-creating with nature in the unseen realms, in all our work, living, creation as humans. The concept of "communiprise", intentional community design of living space to include business or school on ground floor and common space on second floor, and individual living on third., Maureen McCarthy?, noted open space facilitator and keynoter,The State of Grace Document Did you know there is something called ...the World Council of Grandmothers and the Grandmother's Round Table This is inviting...Developing and Dignifying People in the Work Place Transformation Learning Center Dedicated to the Wisdom of Sophia Making the Earth Sustainable and Water Conservation

There is something called wiki, wiki vanning, meatball wiki, wiki van in open space, Evolutionary Salon, Co-Intelligence, Tom Atlee & Peggy Holman Couple who enriches their own conversations by going to group activities and intentionally sitting apart and taking part in different conversations.

"Who says we have to have this conversation only once?" BarbaraEmanuel?